Coming the week of 1/18/21 – The Big Country is a largely forgotten epic western featuring the biggest of movie stars

Next, MTR will take a closer look at the 1958 western that starred Gregory Peck, Charlton Heston and Jean Simmons in The Big Country. Everything about the epic western is big including the name. Come back next week to read all about it.

Without A Clue – A Sherlock Holmes Story Turned On Its Head

Like most movie lovers, I have a few that I refer to as guilty pleasures. These are the films I return to again and again just for fun even though, in some cases, I know the movie isn’t really that good and that it just appeals to me. So, while I do number the 1988Continue reading “Without A Clue – A Sherlock Holmes Story Turned On Its Head”

Coming the week of 1/11/21 – The 1988 literary comedy Without A Clue

Next from MTR we’ll be offering one of our guilty pleasures for rediscovery – the 1988 comedy Without A Clue starring Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley. This picture fits perfectly into our plans to highlight films that have fallen into obscurity. Join us next week for a fun look at this very funny film.

Matchstick Men – Nicolas Cage And The Art Of The Con

It’s been 17 years since Matchstick Men played the big screen and though it has fallen somewhat into obscurity, I still return to it on occasion longing for the thrill of being tricked again. What is it about a movie with a twist? In Matchstick Men, the good guys never saw it coming. Do youContinue reading “Matchstick Men – Nicolas Cage And The Art Of The Con”

Mixed Nuts – Steve Martin Leads A Cast For The Ages

Mixed Nuts boasts an impressive cast that even now, 26 years later, looks like an all-star lineup of screen legends. Steve Martin was in the midst of a run of middling Box Office successes when he made Mixed Nuts with Nora Ephron in 1994. Featuring established stars including Martin, Rita Wilson, Madeline Kahn, Garry Shandling,Continue reading “Mixed Nuts – Steve Martin Leads A Cast For The Ages”

Bachelor Mother – Ginger Rogers Says Who Needs Fred Astaire?

Ginger Rogers! But instead of her longtime co-star Fred Astaire, a bouncing baby boy. Ginger Rogers wasn’t sure that the script for Bachelor Mother was going to make a very good movie. See, she had just wrapped filming her ninth picture alongside her beloved co-star Fred Astaire (a real snoozer called The Story of VernonContinue reading “Bachelor Mother – Ginger Rogers Says Who Needs Fred Astaire?”