Sunshine – An Odyssey Of “Bar-Barrus” Timidity

Science-fiction intimidates me. Not of the Trek or Star Wars variety, but the intelligent kind that seem to require you have a PHD in molecular biology to understand. I don’t know if being a molecular biologist would even qualify one to expound on space time physics, quantum linear astrology or sky radiation planets. That randomContinue reading “Sunshine – An Odyssey Of “Bar-Barrus” Timidity”

Big Night – Louis Prima, Garlic and The Last Supper

Big Night is deceptively ambitious. The film’s trailer would have you believe that it is a quirky rags-to-riches comedy. A film about two brothers dealing with the madcap ins and outs of running a restaurant. The film promises romance and outbursts of joy and laughter. And because this is a film that mostly takes placeContinue reading “Big Night – Louis Prima, Garlic and The Last Supper”

The Red Balloon – Short Film, Big Ideas

This past holiday season I had the opportunity to watch and play with Evan, my almost two-year old godson. First, we played with a simple alphabet puzzle. The lettered pieces were of a variety of colors. When he completed his puzzle, he’d either smile with satisfaction or applaud his own conquering, always with a precociousContinue reading “The Red Balloon – Short Film, Big Ideas”

Houseguest – The Mediocrity Of Meh And Other Comedies

My fondest memories of movie watching were at the Cinemark Cinema 6 at the Bosque River Centre in Stephenville, TX. I will refer to this place often and with reverence. I will no longer refer to it in such impersonal terms as the Cinemark Cinema 6. From this point on, it shall be known as…Continue reading “Houseguest – The Mediocrity Of Meh And Other Comedies”

Mask – An Eric Stoltz Starring Role That Was Different From Where He Began

The year 2020 marked the 35th anniversary of the beloved science-fiction, blockbuster film Back to the Future, released in the summer of 1985. After being released from filming Back to the Future, all was not actually lost for Eric Stoltz as his starring role in Mask became a moderate hit for the young actor. TheContinue reading “Mask – An Eric Stoltz Starring Role That Was Different From Where He Began”