Coming the week of 1/11/21 – The 1988 literary comedy Without A Clue

Next from MTR we’ll be offering one of our guilty pleasures for rediscovery – the 1988 comedy Without A Clue starring Michael Caine and Ben Kingsley. This picture fits perfectly into our plans to highlight films that have fallen into obscurity. Join us next week for a fun look at this very funny film.

Mixed Nuts – Steve Martin Leads A Cast For The Ages

Mixed Nuts boasts an impressive cast that even now, 26 years later, looks like an all-star lineup of screen legends. Steve Martin was in the midst of a run of middling Box Office successes when he made Mixed Nuts with Nora Ephron in 1994. Featuring established stars including Martin, Rita Wilson, Madeline Kahn, Garry Shandling,Continue reading “Mixed Nuts – Steve Martin Leads A Cast For The Ages”

Bachelor Mother – Ginger Rogers Says Who Needs Fred Astaire?

Ginger Rogers! But instead of her longtime co-star Fred Astaire, a bouncing baby boy. Ginger Rogers wasn’t sure that the script for Bachelor Mother was going to make a very good movie. See, she had just wrapped filming her ninth picture alongside her beloved co-star Fred Astaire (a real snoozer called The Story of VernonContinue reading “Bachelor Mother – Ginger Rogers Says Who Needs Fred Astaire?”